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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

21 Mar 2020
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In light of the developing situation surrounding the outbreak of Coronavirus COVID-19, we want to keep you updated regarding measures we are taking to ensure we can continue to operate without compromising the safety and well-being of our staff, suppliers and customers.

In accordance with government advice, we have implemented home working wherever possible. We will no longer be performing sales visits nor will we be accepting them.

We are still contactable via the our website, telephone (01844 273536) and email.


We are continuing to take and process orders. You may order either by telephone (01844 273536) or email.

If you are ordering chemicals or other restricted goods, please read the ‘Chemicals & Restricted Goods’ section below.

Online Orders

We are currently working on expanding our online catalogue with aim to enable online ordering in the near future. When available, this facility will initially only be available to existing customers. If you are interested in this, please contact us to obtain your customer username and password.

Out of Stock Items

If an item is out of stock we will endeavour to obtain it from our suppliers as soon as reasonably possible. We ask all of our customers to be patient as supply chains are currently under considerable strain with priority being given to food and medical deliveries.


Wherever possible, we will be sending our orders through delivery companies or the Royal Mail. To simplify despatch and processing, we may group multiple orders into one delivery.

Deliveries by Us

All deliveries made by our staff will be contact free. The order will be left at your door and we will require no confirmation signature.

Chemicals & Restricted Goods

As many of our customers are aware, we cannot send many of our specialist chemicals like DrainFree and Genscale via standard delivery companies or the Royal Mail. Such orders have to be delivered by our staff.

Additionally, please be aware that availability of some chemicals may be subject to interruption due to supplier priorities. When we collected the last DrainFree order, our supplier was already working on producing vast quantities of hand sanitiser.

With this in mind, we will be applying a minimum order of 12 bottles for all chemical orders and a maximum of one order per customer per month.

Difficulty in Paying

If you are experiencing difficulties in paying orders, please contact us as soon as possible.

These are exceptional and unprecedented times. Please heed the official government advice at We ask everyone to show kindness and support to one another.

Take care and best wishes to all.

Lamella Heating Supplies

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